Agung Cartrans is partners in the business world-class transportation because EXPERIENCE and gives PRIMACY INNOVATION in every service process so that provide CERTAINTY and TRANQUILLITY





For the creation of certainty and peace partner customers, vehicles delivered in perfect condition and on time. Technological innovation and service continue to be realized until we have more advantages compared to competitors, among others:

1. denganTraffic Intelligent Tracking Management Control System

These technologies are offered for partners customers to be able to monitor the actual vehicle position online and in real time, so that it can be done in monitoring the condition of the vehicle being shipped.

2. Canopy for delivery in Bali

Conditions along the delivery in Bali that is filled with a variety of trees, thus increasing the risk of defects on vehicles that are sent, be our driving force to innovate. Innovations that we do is to complement the transport trucks with a canopy to protect the body of the vehicle.

3. Independent repair shop

Regularly, our independent repair shop check and ensure the transport trucks are always in top condition for the long trip.

4. Management vehicle shipping in Harbour Engineering

We pioneered the delivery of engineering management in Harbour, using indirect systems. This system successfully reduces the time queuing at the port as well as significantly reduced shipping costs.

5. 24-hour vehicle Claims

Customer care service 24 hours/day, ready to respond to claims the vehicle sent to give the satisfaction of customer partners.




We cooperate with various parties on an ongoing basis. It is giving birth to our high appreciation of the partnership, where the relationship is mutually add value can be enjoyed by both parties. Rope co-operation was also strong between our entwined with diverse dealer vehicles. The specialization is also not less important is the delivery of luxury cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini for the implementation of automotive event outside the city.

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